Dhamma Surabhi – Vipassana Meditation Centre of BC

Vipassana Meditation as Taught by S.N. Goenka

in the Tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin


General Map to Dhamma Surabhi

An Important Note

Dhamma Surabhi is built for the sole purpose of teaching Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka and his Assistant Teachers. No other techniques or disciplines are to be practiced at any time on the Centre land, and the Centre is not open for drop-ins.

All visitors must get permission prior to visiting the Centre so as not to disturb an on-going course. If no course is in progress, please make sure that someone is available to show you around. If you wish to visit the Centre, please call 1.250.378.4506 in advance, to set up a time to meet with our Centre Manager and to tour the Centre. We thank you for your cooperation.


Dhamma Surabhi is situated just above Coldwater River near Merritt. It can be seen in Google maps satellite view.

Detail Map to Dhamma Surabhi

Travel Directions

By Car

From Vancouver: Take Highway 1 East to Hope. From Hope take Highway 5 North to EXIT 256. At the stop sign turn left onto Coldwater Rd and loop under the highway. (See After leaving Highway... below)

From Merritt: Take Highway 5 South approx. 30 km (19 miles), and take EXIT 256. At the stop sign stay to the left onto Coldwater Rd. (See After leaving Highway... below)

From Seattle: Take Interstate 5 to Bellingham area. Take the Highway 539 Exit. Follow Highway 539 North to Highway 546. Take Highway 546 east to Sumas, Washington. Cross the border to Canada and follow Highway 11 for about 3 kms (1.5 miles) to Highway 1. Take Highway 1 East to Hope and then take Highway 5 North to EXIT 256. At the stop sign turn left onto Coldwater Rd and loop under the highway. (See After leaving Highway... below)

After leaving Highway 5 at Exit 256: Turn left onto Coldwater Road, drive for approx. 3 km (1.8 miles) and turn left onto Gillis Rd. Cross the small bridge (Kingsvale Bridge # 2) over the Coldwater River and turn left. Go up the hill (approx. 240m) and then take a left where the road forks. Proceed another 100m and take the SECOND left driveway where you'll see the Vipassana Meditation Centre of BC sign.

PLEASE NOTE: When you approach, be careful not to enter the FIRST driveway accessible through a ranch-style wooden gate in the cul-de-sac immediately prior to and adjacent to the Vipassana entrance. Please follow all signs carefully. Guests entering the private driveway could be subject to prosecution for trespass and be liable for any damage that they may cause. Vipassana staff will not be allowed to assist you should you become stuck on this sometimes icy, hilly private driveway.

After entering the Dhamma Surabhi driveway, enter the gate which is kept open on Day 0. The centre is 300m past the gate.

Navigation aids: GPS coordinates for the centre are 49.902445, -120.916084 (Google Map of coordinates).


Free parking is available. Since the centre is in a secluded area and since the parking lot is within the fenced-in complex, security has not been a concern. However, due to proximity to wildlife, food items should not be left in your vehicle. If you have any in small quantity, the centre will be glad to hold it for you in the kitchen for the duration of the course. The parking lot is out of bounds for the course and participants will not have access to their vehicle for the duration of the course.


During the Winter please ensure that your vehicle is in good condition and equipped with snow tires, and review the road conditions available in the following websites, before commencing your trip.

By Public Transportation

Air: Those coming long distances can fly to any of the airports listed below, then proceed by bus (see info below) to Merritt, BC, and then by taxi (see info below) to Dhamma Surabhi.

Airport Distance from Merritt Contact Information
Vancouver International Airport 245 km (153 mi) website
Abbotsford International Airport 188 km (118 mi) website
Kelowna International Airport 160 km (100 mi) website
Kamloops Airport 130 km (81 mi) website

Bus: Greyhound no longer provides service to Merritt. For buses from Vancouver the nearest bus station is in Merritt, operated by EBus. For Calgary-Vancouver route (stops in Kamloops) visit Rider Express. For Nelson-Kelowna visit Silver City Stagelines

Taxi: From the bus station in Merritt, taxis are available to go to the Centre, at the cost of approximately $75 one way (Please note that credit cards will not be accepted). The taxi company will coordinate with other students coming to the Centre for sharing the trip. Please call the taxi company in advance to arrange for sharing a ride. Merritt Cabs: 1.250.378.4444.

Ride Sharing

If you need a ride or if you're willing to give a ride to another student, we have a Rideboard for each course. You will find the link to the Rideboard for your course in the acceptance letter that you received.

If you are willing to give ride, please add your name to the list of "Rides Offered." We also automatically update the list, one week before the start of a course, from the information provided in the application forms.

If you need a ride, please review the list of "Rides Offered" to make arrangements with someone in your area who is offering a ride. Or, you may add your name and contact details to the list of "Rides Requested", hoping somebody interested in offering a ride will contact you.

  • It is better to be proactive and respond to those offering rides, when the full list is published one week before the start of a course
  • Contact more than one offer to improve your prospects
  • You may even try somebody driving by your location who may be able to pick you up
  • Arrange your ride as soon as you can as rideshares usually fill up within a few days

It is important that when you have found a ride or when your offers are all taken up, you remove your name from the list. Only you can remove your name from the respective list, with the removal code given only to you, when your name is added to the list.

Ride offers are on a volunteer basis and there is no guarantee that a ride will be available from your area. Alternate means of transportation should be considered well in advance. (Rideshare from the United States - outside of Washington State and Portland, Oregon - is very unlikely.)