Vipassana Meditation Centre - Dhamma Surabhi
Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin
Old Students

Centre Management

The centre has a full schedule of courses each year with about twenty 10-day courses including a couple of bilingual courses. Other courses include Satipatthana course, 3-day course, 1-day course, children and teenager course. In addition, we usually have two Work Periods in the Spring and Fall, Annual Foundation Trust meetings, and ocassionally an Open House. Thus the Centre is operational throughout the year wilh usually a two-day break between courses when the Centre winds down after a course and gets ready for the next course.

Centre Management Team

The Centre is almost entirely managed and operated by Dhamma servers who are willing to dedicate between 4 to 12 months at a time. The role of the Centre Management Team is to ensure the smooth initiation, running and closure of courses as well as the general maintenance and care of the Centre while upholding the principles of Dhamma centres and servers. While each member has his/her own duties we aim for a high degree of collaboration and cooperation with each other so that support may be offered in times of heavy work load, time off, or emergent situations. Usually the Centre Management Team is comprised of the Centre Manager (CM), Support Manager (SM), Kitchen & Household Coordinator (KC) and Caretaker.

Management Team members devote at least 30 hours per week to the Centre, prioritizing their availability around the ten-day course cycle of Day Zero, Day 10 and Day 11, the most important days to support the courses at the Centre. They have 4 days off per course and sit a course every few months.

Management Team members stay in private accommodation located outside the course boundary on the other side of the creek. Currently, there is a mobile home with a centre manager residence, and a management team building with private residences for three members.

The management team works with the Centre Management Team Committee who in turn reports to the Vipassana Foundation of BC Trust which oversees and directs the operation of Dhamma Surabhi. The multitude of tasks that need to be performed can be broadly grouped into three areas:

  • Centre Management
  • Kitchen Coordination
  • Centre Maintenance

Depending upon the availability and experience of committed servers, these tasks will be divided among them. The centre has a Centre Management Team Residence that will be available for these servers for the duration of their service.

In general, theses are not monetary positions. However, certain allowances and stipends may be provided subject to approval by the Trust.

Dhamma servers performing centre tasks will follow the regular Code of Conduct for Dhamma Servers. In addition, they should follow the Centre Management Team Guidelines.

From time to time, we announce our centre management needs specifying tasks, responsibilities, and regulations. Please look under Request For Servers.