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Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin
Old Students

Donations (Dāna)

Dāna, one of the ten Parami, plays an important part in one's Dhamma practice. By sharing what one has, a meditator takes real steps toward the goal of selflessness. It is for this reason courses are run totally on free will donations from only those who have benefited from this technique.

*** If you have not completed a ten day course in this tradition please do not make a donation ***

How to Donate

There are many ways to help financially, including lump sum one-time donations, monthly pledges or loans. Small monthly pledges continue to play a very important role in the operation of the centre as this provides a steady flow of income for monthly costs. Scroll down to select the option that works best for you. The charges for each option are also mentioned to help with the selection.

One-time donation


PayPal Giving Fund: Donate directly from your PayPal account or use a PayPal account linked credit card. PayPal Giving Fund is the preferred method for making one-time donations to Dhamma Surabhi, as PayPal does not charge any transaction fees, and forwards your full donation to the Vipassana Foundation, even for credit card donations. A PayPal account is required to donate using PayPal Giving Fund.

Alternatively, If you do not have or do not want to create or use a PayPal account, you can donate through CanadaHelps. CanadaHelps charges the Vipassana Foundation a 3.75% fee per one-time donation.

Interac e-transfer: Dhamma Surabhi’s account can accept Interac e-transfers without a secret question. Send an email to [email protected] with your full name, address and amount after e-transferring your donation, and we will send you a tax receipt by mail. There are no transaction fees to Dhamma Surabhi for this method, though your financial institution may charge a small fee.

Cheque: Please fill in the donation form and mail a cheque to the address on the form. There are no transaction fees to Dhamma Surabhi for this method, though your financial institution may charge a fee.

Monthly donation

This is a very convenient option if you wish to donate a fixed monthly amount. By setting up a recurring monthly donation, you can budget your expense and the centre can plan on a steady cash flow.

Automatic Bank Transfer: please print and fill in the Authorization Form and mail it with a voided cheque to the address on the form. The transaction fees to Dhamma Surabhi for this method are very low. You can cancel your authorization or change the donation amount at any time by sending an email to [email protected].

Monthly Credit Card Donation through CanadaHelps: this is an option if you prefer not to do monthly bank transfers. CanadaHelps charges the Vipassana Foundation a 3.5% fee for monthly donations.

Important Notes

All contributions are Canadian tax deductible.

A tax receipt will be mailed to you either on receipt following one-time donations, or early in the following year for monthly donations. If you donate through PayPal or CanadaHelps, the tax receipt will be processed by them; otherwise, Dhamma Surabhi will mail it to you.

When you donate, there is a choice to designate towards a specific fund. If you don’t have a preference, it will be designated for Dhamma Surabhi operations. Below are the options.

What to Donate for

Dhamma Surabhi Operations

According to the tradition of pure Vipassana, the centre operations and all courses are run solely on a donation basis. Although the teachers and other organizers receive no payment for their services and most of the services are provided by volunteers, all the other expenses involved in the operation of the centre are met solely with the donations (Dāna) received from old students. In 2019, over 1741 students attended courses at Dhamma Surabhi.

Dhamma Surabhi Expansion

Encouraged by student demand, we are actively pursuing expansion of Dhamma Surabhi to accommodate 20 more students. Thanks to the generous support from old students that has been received for centre development, the expansion of the Meditation and Dining Halls is complete, and also a Women’s Residence with 6 private rooms with attached bathroom. The goal is to add a Men’s Residence with 16 private rooms with attached bathroom, and upgrade the septic system for a cost of $800,000.

Vancouver Vipassana Hall (VVH)

In late 2013, we established a meditation hall in Vancouver to serve the old students in the area for group sittings, one-day courses, children's courses, Vipassana outreach events, and trust meetings. The expenses are about $24,000 per year and are supported entirely by donations received specifically for this purpose.

Donations in Kind

In addition to service and monetary donation, one can give an in-kind donation. From time to time, we will publish our requirements on this page. New items are preferred, but gently used items are also acceptable for other than kitchen items. If you have something that is not on our list that you think may be used in the centre, please let us know. Please email the Centre Manager ([email protected]) regarding dana in kind.

Matching Gift Program

One of the easiest ways to maximize your gift to Vipassana Foundation is through your employer's Matching Gift program. Thousands of companies, including corporations, foundations, not-for-profit organizations, and associations, match their employees' (and often retirees', spouses', and board members') charitable contributions, sometimes for as much as double the amount of the initial gift.

What is a Matching Gift Program?

Many companies allow their employees to direct their charitable giving programs through matching gifts. When an employee notifies the company that he/she has made a charitable donation, the company will make a gift of the same amount, and in some cases double the amount, to the same charitable organization.

Matching Gift Programs are a wonderful way for employees to make their charitable dollars stretch farther at no cost to themselves. Simply ask your company's human resources office for a matching gift form, and we will do the rest!

How does a Matching Gift Program work?

Gift matching procedures can vary from company to company. The following example is typical:

  1. An employee/retiree obtains a matching gift form from the employer, usually from the human resource department or company website.
  2. After completing the form, the employee/retiree sends it along with the donation to the educational institution or nonprofit charity.
  3. The nonprofit certifies on the form that it has received the gift and meets the company’s guidelines for receiving a matching gift.
  4. The nonprofit returns the form to the company.
  5. The company verifies eligibility of the employees/retirees and the nonprofit recipient and sends the check to the nonprofit.


Students may also offer no or low interest loans. Such loans are especially welcome to fund the new Men’s Residence involving a large sum of money. If you are interested in providing an Old Student Loan to Dhamma Surabhi, please contact our Treasurer ([email protected])


Many old students have strong volition to make a significant donation to further the spread of Dhamma. There are a few ways in which old students might consider giving donations without neglecting their financial security and obligations. One of them is to designate the Vipassana Foundation as a beneficiary in your will. Your lawyer, tax consultant, or financial advisor can assist you with more information and help you draw up the documents.

We ask you to be careful and cautious in coming to any decision about a charitable bequest in your will. Please make a decision that is appropriate and responsible. You should make sure that the decision taken will in no way affect your responsibility toward your dependents.